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When most people think about personal injury accidents involving automobiles, many don't usually consider the possibility of being hit as a pedestrian or bicycle rider. The truth is, the federal statistics for death rates among pedestrians and cyclists have both been on the rise according to recent estimates from the Governors Highway Safety Association. The number of distractions that drivers face these days has made it alarmingly common for negligent drivers to run into others on the road, and if you're not inside a vehicle when you're hit, the results can be disastrous.

The good news is that if the operator of a motor vehicle that hits a pedestrian or bicycle rider is found negligent, they will be held fully responsible for the injuries and damages suffered. Even if a vehicle wasn't involved, a pedestrian or bicycle rider can be compensated if they are injured due to defective conditions on the property they are traveling on, such as a broken sidewalk or cracked driveway. In these cases, the property owner or occupier may be held liable for any injuries or damages sustained. This is why it's important to understand what rights you have as a pedestrian and bicycle rider when you're out on the streets and sidewalks of your city.

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What rights do I have as a pedestrian?

Illinois laws and statutes provide pretty broad protections for pedestrians that share the road with drivers operating a motor vehicle -- particularly in areas like crosswalks. Generally speaking, drivers must always yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk, meaning they must come to a full and complete stop to allow pedestrians to cross. The laws also preclude any vehicles from passing a stopped vehicle at a crosswalk, in order to prevent injuring anyone who may be in the process of crossing within the designated crosswalk area.

What rights do I have when riding a bicycle?

Following the rules of the road are critical when bicyclists choose to share the road with other drivers. As long as bicycle riders are obeying the traffic laws, signs, and signals that apply to motorists, they will retain many of the same rights as the other drivers on the road. Additionally, when motorists choose to pass a bicycle rider, the motorist is required by law to allow at least three feet of space between their vehicle and the bicyclist. If a bicyclist chooses to ride on a sidewalk or path, they are entitled to a safe path without hazardous obstructions or defective conditions.

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Pedestrian and bicycle accidents can result in serious injuries that can disrupt your quality of life, both emotionally and physically. If you've been involved in an accident as a pedestrian or bicyclist, timing can be crucial to your case. You can't afford to wait if you want to be compensated for your injuries. If you've been injured and think you may have a case, contact the Suburban Injury Law Group today to schedule a free consultation and find out if you’re entitled to compensation for your injuries.  

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Drivers often overlook pedestrians and bicycle riders on the road, and the consequences can be disastrous. If you’ve been injured while walking as a pedestrian or while riding a bicycle, you could be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses during recovery. Contact the Suburban Injury Law Group immediately to schedule a free consultation and have your case investigated today.